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You might be in possession of valuable rare or numismatic coins without even knowing it. A coin collection from your grandparents or a flea market treasure, sometimes our clients don't even know what's worthy of getting an appraisal. But rare coins can be re-sold at a premium depending on their rarity, quality, age and other factors.

If you think you have a rarity sitting on your shelf at home or have common other coins, you will want to get it appraised by a true professional first before selling. It is worth it to invest some time and sometimes a little money for a professional grading because we all know that information is everything.

Armed with an idea what you can realistically expect for your rare coins and collectibles you will be able to sell them at a better price. For our clients from the Tri-State area we also offer coin certification we also buy and sell rare coins safely and at a fair price.