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Antique and collectible toys resonate with collectors today for their ability to evoke the power of memory and nostalgia. From holding on to your first Barbie doll to discovering a mint-condition action figure from your childhood, these objects offer a glimpse at the historical evolution of toys in our society and serve as cultural relics.


Here, we explore some of the most popular childhood collectibles, including vintage toys from the 19th century through the 21st. Read on to see if your favorites make the list.

By the turn of the 20th century, technology made it possible to easily produce toys in the same manner as early cars and trucks. Before the rise of action figures and franchise-driven toys, vintage toys enthralled children all across the world. Today, toys like model trains and porcelain dolls that were once cherished items are now valuable collectibles.


At Coins Antiques and Estate buyers we love toys and buy old vintage toys even broken ones when we can. Some we fix restore and resale. Don’t throw away your vintage toys, they maybe valuable sell them to us let someone else enjoy it like you or your loved one did.